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Edibles That Help With Sleep

While dispensaries for medical marijuana in San Jose, CA often carry a large selection of edibles products, the variety can make it difficult to know what will help you sleep and what won’t. you might not realize that certain types of regular food enable you to sleep more than others. To understand what will work best for you, you should apply the same rules that apply to food without weed in it.

In general, eating something before bed is better than nothing. Having a small, healthy snack before you go to sleep will prevent you from getting hungry in the middle of the night. Hunger can make it harder to fall asleep or wake you up in the middle of the night. Numerous pre-packaged edibles have high amounts of fat and sugar and food with large amounts of fat and sugar can disrupt your sleep.

So, that leaves the question: what food promotes sleep? Foods high in sleep hormones like tryptophan and serotonin – such as turkey, low-fat dairy products, honey, oats, and bananas – can certainly help. Herbal teas without caffeine will relax you, too. As you can see, many of those sleep-promoting foods often don’t appear in the typical edibles section at your dispensary for medical marijuana in San Jose. So, if possible, you should make your own marijuana-infused foods that implement them.


Explore How Cannabis Helps To Boost Motivation & Creativity

Let’s explore here how San Jose cannabis helps to enhance your creativity and motivation.


Though cannabis is commonly thought of as a motivation killer, some studies show that consuming cannabis can actually augment motivation. In a study, scientists detected those Jamaican farmers who smoked ganja during their breaks would return to work with a “freshened efficiency” and “renewed vigor”.

However, there’s a reason why the unmotivated stoner stereotype is so widespread is pop culture. Some studies have found that cannabis users have lower motivation than non-users. The conflicting findings could reflect any number of factors. But numerous still consider that cannabis helps, instead of harms motivation.


There is a reason why numerous musicians enjoy cannabis – it inspires their creativity famous artists such as Bob Marley, Lady Gaga, Willie Nelson, and The Beatles have all credited cannabis for giving them an edge while writing their music. A study tested creativity in marijuana users and found that they scored higher on measures of creativity than non-users.

On the other hand, another study discovered that cannabis has a negative effect on creativity in the ones who smoked regularly. Of course, creativity is an abstract concept that isn’t easily defined by scientific measures. Either way, numerous swear by the ability of San Jose cannabis to help them create.

Choosing Cannabis Strains To Manage Anxiety

Various researchers have shown that low doses of THC in medical marijuana in San Jose can lower anxiety levels by binding CB1 receptors in the amygdala, or the part of the brain responsible for feelings of anxiety and stress. Trauma or chronic stress has been shown to lessen natural endocannabinoids production which may contribute to prolonged feelings of anxiety.

Consuming elevated doses, however, THC seems to have the opposite effect. Rather than lessening anxiety, high levels of THC might actually make matters worse by reducing the efficiency of cannabinoid receptors. The ones who want to manage anxiety during their marijuana experience should get strains with low THC levels and higher CBD levels.

For cannabis strains that cure anxiety, look for strains such as Juliet – a fruity Sativa-dominant hybrid that combats social phobia; Stardawg – a pine and diesel fuel-flavored hybrid that is both euphoric and uplifting; White Fire Alien OG – a lemony Indica hybrid known to relieve pain, anxiety and stress; and 303 OG – a spicy strain that both combats anxiety and promotes creativity and socialization.

Keep in mind that no matter what type of medical condition you have, there is always exclusive medical marijuana in San Jose, CA available to administer it efficiently!

Obtaining Your Card To Buy Medical Marijuana

Recommendation from a licensed medical practitioner in San Jose for medical marijuana is mandatory to purchase cannabis. One could be a naturopathic physician, psychiatrist, physician’s assistant, physician or another medical specialist. To obtain medical marijuana card, you need to:

Fill out the documentation properly

After receiving doctor’s prescription, you must fill out the application form that may vary from state to state. Ensure to be aware of the official application process. Make certain to fill the form completely and attach copies of essential identification.

Pay the application fee

While obtaining the card to buy legal medical marijuana San Jose, you will be asked to pay an application fee, which is often a one-time payment. This can come as a surprise to the ones who may already be struggling financially with the costs of their medical condition.

Be aware of the timeframe

The time taken to process and approve your application varies from state to state. Some process the applications relatively quickly. There are some states that only recently legalized the distribution of medical marijuana may take several months to process and approve your application.

To make the process of obtaining your medical marijuana card hassle free, you can consider visiting a local dispensary!