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Constraints of Studying Pregnancy & Cannabis

There are numerous constraints to studying the effects of the use of cannabis, purchased from marijuana dispensaries in San Jose, on a developing fetus. This makes it challenging to correctly estimate the risks of cannabis use during pregnancy.


Because of ethical reasons, researchers can’t ask expecting moms to smoke cannabis during pregnancy to study the results. Due to this, studies on marijuana during pregnancy cannot be put under adequate scientific rigor.


No studies have looked at the effects of different compounds in marijuana on developing babies. The non-psychoactive CBD is already permitted as a secure prescription for an array of disorders in several U.S. states. However, whether certain compounds can actually help pregnant moms and not harm the developing fetus is still unknown.

Strength of Marijuana

It’s been years since the research on the consequences of cannabis use during pregnancy was performed. At that time, the effectiveness of strains was much lower. The effects of smoking marijuana during pregnancy could be stronger now than compared to these older studies.


Because of cannabis’s illegal status, women may be afraid of the legal repercussions of admitting to their marijuana use. Even where it is legal through marijuana dispensaries in San Jose, there is a strong stigma associated with it. So, cannabis use during pregnancy is perhaps under-reported, and this may influence the result of studies.


Treating Arthritis With Medical Marijuana

Numerous individuals who suffer from arthritis have started opting for medical cannabis from licensed, local marijuana dispensaries San Jose. It is not only affordable but also acts as a natural alternative that lacks the side effects found in the medicines traditionally used to treat arthritis. People have experienced outstanding results with medical marijuana, with improved movement, less pain, and less use of other medications.


According to the experts, there are certain marijuana strains that can exclusively help to treat arthritis. For instance, Pennywise – a form of indica that has mild psychoactive effects; Harlequin – a form of sativa popular for providing relaxing sensation without making the user feel like sedated;  Cannatonic – a hybrid strain offering a very relaxing, mellow high effects, and AC/DC – a form of sativa that does not alter mood or perception.


Medical marijuana, if consumed in the right dosage, can be an extremely effective alternative arthritis treatment. The experts have demonstrated that the THC component of cannabis is a very effective analgesic (pain killer), and the CBD component has exclusive immunomodulatory benefits as an antagonist of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, supporting benefits in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.


Getting quality cannabis from the licensed marijuana dispensaries in San Jose, CA will certainly help to treat your arthritis efficiently.

Getting Acquainted With Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is any part of the marijuana plant being used to cure several health issues. There are various accredited marijuana dispensaries in San Jose from where medical marijuana can be purchased. It is grown specially to have less of the chemicals that cause feelings of euphoria.

The cannabinoids, CBD and THC, are two core ingredients found in the marijuana plant. While THC gives pleasurable effects that pot smokers are looking for, whereas, CBD can be used for an array of health problems, however, does not get a person “high”.

The ones who are going through any phase of HIV and cancer, medical marijuana is used prominently in order to help people ease nausea, pain, and loss of appetite. Moreover, it is even known to cut down epilepsy seizures as well as ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis like frequent urination, pain, spasms, and stiffness.

Using medical marijuana can have some short-term side effects like making you feel anxious, sleepy, relaxed, feeling of happiness and mood swings. Moreover, it can even disrupt the ability to take decisions and short-term memory.

However, some have even noticed side effects paranoia, delusions, and hallucinations due to large doses of medical marijuana. Only licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in San Jose should be visited to get the premium marijuana products at reasonable prices.